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Listen in new colors and discover music for all your moods from Indie, Electro, Urban, Soul & Jazz. Q-RATED is not generated by algorithms but relies on music experts who share via their own station, what they love.

Unashamed Beats

DJ Cruz has played various hotspots in cities like Paris, London or New York, not to mention in the presence of prestigious guests like Will.I.Am, Will Smith or Ludacris. That is where Unashamed Beats comes into play as it gives a glimpse of Cruz’ previous work as a disc jockey. The station’s sound is focused on contemporary urban music layered with R&B classics and legendary Hip-Hop songs that shouldn’t be missed at any party. A little unashamed calculation never hurt anybody.


Landitronica is a vibrant collection of tracks to lift moods and provide special soundtracks for any moment. Landikhans’ selection is seamlessly brought together by combining beautiful melodies and vocals along with fresh and original picks from the acclaimed producer and label owner. Enjoy this unique sensorial experience, whether it’s a track you’ve heard in the past or a new discovery.


Countless influences in music as we know it today have their roots in African American culture. We have created a selection of milestones that reflect their history and significantly influenced today’s pop culture.

For You And I

Swiss artist Yunai (Yu’N’Ai) opens with his station a window into his soul. He guides you through his universe of R’n’B, indie-trap and alternative, sharing the songs that influence his life and his music most. For you. For himself. And thereby his music selection has one thing in common with the music he produces: It sound young and yet grown-up. But listen for yourself!

Taste Of Moods

Modern beats and gangster-rap, urban sounds the way we love. If you just listen for a minute, you could think that Taste Of Mood plays out of a ghetto blaster somewhere on a Compton basketball court. And all of a sudden all you understand is 한국어. Why? The up- and coming Swiss rapper Ivorrie breaks clichés and show that hip-hop and R’n’B works in every language.

Kala Land

Kalabreses’ station is a variation of songs from different genres and decades and a selection of music that inspire the internationally recognized DJ and producer. He mixes rhythm and refinements, beautiful voices, loops and samples, creating a refreshing yet familiar atmosphere. Each song fits in his own way, making the station a perfect fit for any situation where you have time to lean back and enjoy music.

Upbeat Flavors

Upbeat Flavors get’s you going. L.A. based musician Dominic Whalley, known from the UK band Jungle, mixes in his station classic disco beats with electro, soul, jazz and rap. Sometimes modern, sometimes old school he perfectly matches the pulse of time. With up tempo soundtracks, Upbeat Flavors is the perfect sound for an urban bar, a hip playlist for sport activities or your acoustic accompaniment for an evening with friends.

Warm & Chilled

With melancholic beats, loops and jazz-soul tracks, the station Warm & Chilled seduces you to lean back, to forget the time and float in space. Jungle band member Dominic Whalley provides modern, timeless sound-images with abstract moments. His selection surprises, stimulates nostalgia and let’s color dance. Warm & Chilled is true to its name and completes your day at a beach or long walk under the stars.


Moyage is a little journey. It roams and puts out the feelers over almost every continent and dives wildly through various decades of time. Actor and musician Milian Otto puts you in his old VW and off you go. Breakfast with the Bedouins, siesta in the Argentinean Pampa, pearl fishing in the American Folk of the 70s, dinner with Trad-Jazz-All-Stars and searching for shooting stars in the indie-kosmos. No borders, no boundaries…Bon voyage!

Quenao Radio

Swiss artist Naomie Lareine remains true to her genre and brings the best soul, R’n’B and rap tracks to you. Queen Naomi, or Quenao in short, brings the big city feeling to you. Her sounds remind of a trip to L.A. or New York, and beam you directly into that movie from the Bronx. Quenao Radio fits everything that is somewhat cool. Turn up the volume of your audio system, ear phones or ghetto blaster and let Drake & Co. into your life. We promise, the song after will be a new discovery for you.

Rundfunk FM Sessions

Rundfunk.FM is cult and a renowned name in Switzerland. Combining live events with real-time broadcasting is the successful concept behind it, and attracts thousands of visitors to its annual festival every summer. Oliver Scotoni compiles in his station favorite sets of the past years and creates a soundtrack of not yet existent films. Or better, the perfect background music for your cerebral cinema.

Urban Beats

Urban Beats stands, as you may have guessed, for an urban attitude for live. The station of music journalist Thierry Kuhn delivers a selection of everything a heart desires. From old classic and newer hip-hop to soul and R’n’B tracks, his sounds complete a taxi drive across the Big Apple or perfectly fit into an underground bar in London. Urban Beats focuses on quality sound that has not positioned itself with fancy video clips, expensive cars or castles. Urban Beats is better. It’s old school 4LIFE!

Starter Gang

In German, the CTRL-key translates to STRG. We all know this computer-key, which interestingly enough, only functions in combination with one, two or even three other keys. The sounds of follow the same concept. In Starter Gang, classics, hits, image songs and new discoveries of the urban world clash together, creating a unique and distinctive sound experience. Pretty cool and absolutely representing the style the music label stands for.

From Here

From Here is music from Switzerland. We all know Bligg, Stress, Pegasus & Co, but what many do not know there is more! A lot of locally produced music is falling under our radars but gets great recognition abroad. On this station, former radio host Dino Giglio takes you on a journey through different languages and genres of music produced in Switzerland and shows you how wonderfully multifaceted it can be. And they all have one thing in common: The Swiss quality seal.


Nightshift has its own dynamic. Often one faces moments in life that stimulate to reflect, to philosophize and think about the big questions of life. Nightshift has been created for such movie-like moments. Timeless, emotional, melancholic and inspiring, the soundtrack accompanies you on a car ride through the night, is the background music for your walk through the forest and makes you the main character of your movie.

Hotel Salamanca

Down tempo and electronica beats meets world music. The sounds of Hotel Salamanca are an acoustic journey into a world far away from any civilization. The beats transport you to a mystical world, surrounded by creative and bizarre creatures. In the middle of it, an empty and abandoned hotel: This is Hotel Salamanca.

Bar Brussels

Feel good music from big beats, electro, funk and urban – this is Bar Brussels. As the name suggest, the station is made for any downtown bar or for a cocktail night with friends. It has everything for a successful warm up: Good moods and positive vibes.


No matter if you are starting a new day, a creative process or if you are about to enter a new stage of life. Begin. sets you off with the right soundtrack. A pinch of melancholy, a pinch of euphoria. Not to dominant and neither to loud. The tracks of Jan Müller’s station accompanies you along the way.

Indie Jungle

Indie Jungle is what the station promises to be. A deep green and juicy jungle with the wildest and most exciting songs of the alternative pop movement. Main stream has no place here, it’s a real hike for real indie lovers.


Does not every indie lover secretly wish he had lived in the 60’s and 70’s and rocked the stages with The Doors and co? Unfortunately, the time travel machine has not been invented (yet), but there is the Q-RATED Alternative Station. Here, the best alternative rock classics are paired with new indie numbers. Let’s Rock’n’Indie!

New Electronica

New Electronica plays the latest, hand-selected tracks of the best makers from most iconic electronica clubs. Tune in and turn your living room, kitchen or rooftop – or just about any place – into your own private cult club.

DJ Cruz

At an early age DJ Cruz got the opportunity to have a residency at one of Switzerland’s best known clubs, the Kaufleuten in Zurich with his own party label ‘Unashamed Luxury’. At only 22 he won the Swiss Nightlife Award for “Best Open Format DJ 2012” and by that time, he was already playing in cities like Paris, London, Dubai and New York. Cruz, now 30 years old, is fully focused on his musical productions which have received support from artists like Avicii and Tiesto.


Landikhans artistic journey started over 15 years ago and has allowed him to explore the various layers of electronic music. As an artist and label owner for the acclaimed LNDKHN, for the last 3 years his musical evolution was felt through influences from a wide range of styles including electronica, dub, and rare grooves. His musical influences and taste can be felt throughout while his vision holds no limits. “Astral” and “Ataraxia” are an example of this philosophy.


A bit of R’n’B, a bit of indie trap and a lot of pretty voices. This is “Me, You & I” of young Zurich musician Yunai. Starting with flute and piano lessons, music has always played a major role in his life. Always in the search of something new, he experimented with various beat productions at the age of 16 and taught himself how to record at 18. The integration of his vocals and own produced beat interpretations are the essence of his unique songs.


“Just do it, take a risk and don’t let nobody tell you to change how you are”. This is the motto of Swiss musician Ivorrie. With soul-trap she conquers the hearts of hip-hop lovers and sings in “Kinda True”, “Straigth” or “Rain” about love, women’s rights and the challenges of life. In 2018 she appeared on the musical stage with Jason Derulo to record the Swiss version of the Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup Anthem Colors. Since, she is on track to take the world and aims to encourage other female artists.

Naomi Lareine

Born and raised in Zurich, Lareine is considered one the country’s most promising voices and is recognized for her bitter-sweet dulcet tones and sophisticated R&B tinged songs. For music, she gave up her promising career in football and debuted in 2018 with her first single “Sweet Latina”. Supported by a growing fan base, she released further hits like “Issa Vibe”, “Get It” and her first EP “UNCHAINED”. She sings about real experiences and convinces with feisty elements. is a music label and artist factory from Switzerland with teams in the UK and Jamaica. It positions itself as a multi-tasking music industry oriented studio, supporting artists with tailored strategies and guiding them with A-Z services along their way to success. The collective represents some of the most dynamic newcomers, from R’nB and hip-hop to urban, dancehall and reggae.


Fascinated by the rhythm of music, Kalabrese toured the stages as the drummer of the funk-rap combo Sendak at a young age. Once he discovered electronic dance music, it didn’t take long and his home productions “Airolo” and “Chicken Fried Rice” made waves. He broke through internationally with the albums “Rumpelzirkus” and “Independent Dancer”. Today he plays major festivals and stages as DJ or with his band Kalabrese & Rumpelorchester.

Oliver Scotoni

Behind Rundfunk FM Sessions is Oliver Scotoni, the founder of the same named radio station. Initially a subcultural niche radio, today it sets the pace of Switzerlands’ musical impulses and wins thousands of listeners with live DJ sets. became famous with its summerly Radio.Festivals in the gardens of the historical National Museum Zurich. Scotoni is also the founder of the Art Center Zurich and runs the gastronomic offer of public bath Oberen Letten.

Thierry Kuhn

A true hip-hop fan since his teenager years, Thierry Kuhn co-initiated the worldwide recognized hip-hop magazine DubCNN in the early 2000s and pursued a career within the music industry. He worked for several years as a music journalist and cross media producer for the news platform 20 Minuten and has interviewed some major names of the music world. Today he produces social content for successful creative studio Monami.

Dominic Whalley

As a member of UK band Jungle, Whalley has played the big festivals of the world and was a guest on multiple talk shows. The soul collectives debut album was nominated for the Mercury award and follow up album “Forever” is of equal quality. He has also worked with Katy B, Lianne la Havas & Goldlink.

Milian Otto

Milian Otto’s debut album “Wahnsinn & Gelegenheit” translates into delusion and opportunity – his faithful companions in the search for a medicine against feeling lost and the celebrating feast of senses-gluttony. Limited to guitar and voice, his music makes you want to listen not only to the sound crackles but also to let the words grow on you. His German lyrics are biting, but fine, radically honest, but never self-destructive, political, but never ideological.

Jan Müller

In radio for over 15 years, Jan is known for his morning shows at Radio 105. He quickly became program director and under his leadership, Radio 105 won “Radio of the Year” three times in a row. He was responsible for the musical positioning of leading radio stations and re-launched the popular event FridayNite at Radio 24. Today he creates unique music concepts for clients around the globe.

Dino Giglio

The presenter and music expert is one of the most recognized radio hosts in Switzerland. After Radio 105 (later Planet 105) was taken over by radio legend Roger Schawinski, Dino was in for the music program in his role as program director and contributed to the stations newly won success. Today, he is still strongly connected within the Swiss music industry and is a DJ himself. His love for audio content was motivation to launch his own company Audiokanzlei, producing branded podcasts.


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Landikhan & DJ Cruz: Two new curators

We are happy to welcome two new artists to Q-RATED: Zurich based DJ Cruz just launched his own station Unashamed Beats, consisting of legendary tunes and forgotten jewels from the urban section. On the other hand, Landikhan is also new to Q-RATED. The Spaniard is currently one of the most successful DJs in Ibiza and due to his curiosity in music, he lets music flow in from all directions – and that’s exactly what you can expect from his Landitronica station. Tune in and enjoy the music, it should be more than worthwhile.

New Curators On Board

We say “hello” Ivorrie, an aspiring Swiss woman conquering the world of hip-hop. She delivers in her station Taste Of Moods urban beats for all your emotional ups and downs and takes you from Switzerland to the US, to South Korea and back. Also new a big “welcome” to Yunai. Producing beats from the youngest age, he gives you a tour through his universe of alternative and indie trap and reveals in For You And I music that has the biggest impact on his life and music. Enjoy!

Welcome to Q-RATED

To offer variation and inspiration, our stations are handmade by artists and music experts. Dream to the sounds of Kalabrese or Oliver Scotoni (Rundfunk FM) or relax to the sounds of Jungle member Dominic Whalley. Join Milian Otto on a musical trip around the world and discover with Dino Giglio what treasures Swiss music has to offer. And if you are an urban lover, we got you covered: Naomi Lareine, Ivorrie, Yunai, and music expert Thierry Khun share with you their urban beats. Have fun discovering!