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Listen in new colors and discover music for all your moods from Indie, Electro, Urban, Soul & Jazz. Q-RATED is not generated by algorithms but relies on music experts who share via their own station, what they love.


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Q-RATED is the new Swiss radio app for music lovers. Following the concept “Quality Rated Radio”, selected artists and music experts curate their own station, sharing their favorite songs with you. For fresh impulses, these stations are continuously complemented with additional tracks. Q-RATED is a promise to make high-quality music available to everyone. Free of charge and with no commercial breaks disturbing the music, musical enjoyment is at the forefront. Personalized advertisements are renounced, making user registrations dispensable.

This offer is only possible with the financial support of Bank Cler. As exclusive partner the bank’s aim is to promote musical talent and to offer a platform where next to established artists, especially young Swiss newcomers, can position themselves. Artistic development stands before commercial success. Q-RATED is operated by Brands Are Live AG, which has developed innovations and technologies within the online audio section over the past years, guiding radio and brands into the future.



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A partnership based on love for music

A hearty “welcome” to our friends fo – an experienceable backyard garage radio which is broadcasting expert-curated music via FM, DAB+ and the Q-RATED app from 11.8-11.9.2020, and that can be visited in the heart of Zurich Tuesdays-Saturdays. In addition the the live channel you can find six further artist-curated stations exclusively Q-RATED for you. We are excited about this partnership with great music creators, who have been working for years for high quality music.

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Q-RATED Survey: Participate and win 250 CHF

Dear Q-RATED Community, we value your opinion about the music offer, the curators and the Q-RATED app overall. This is why we have created a short survey. We would love if you gift us 5 minutes of your time and give share your feedback with us. Among all participants that are sharing their e-mail with us, we will raffle a ZAK Account of Bank Cler with a starting balance of 250 CHF.

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Landikhan & DJ Cruz: Two new curators

We are happy to welcome two new artists to Q-RATED: Zurich based DJ Cruz just launched his own station Unashamed Beats, consisting of legendary tunes and forgotten jewels from the urban section. On the other hand, Landikhan is also new to Q-RATED. The Spaniard is currently one of the most successful DJs in Ibiza and due to his curiosity in music, he lets music flow in from all directions – and that’s exactly what you can expect from his Landitronica station. Tune in and enjoy the music, it should be more than worthwhile.

New Curators On Board

We say “hello” Ivorrie, an aspiring Swiss woman conquering the world of hip-hop. She delivers in her station Taste Of Moods urban beats for all your emotional ups and downs and takes you from Switzerland to the US, to South Korea and back. Also new a big “welcome” to Yunai. Producing beats from the youngest age, he gives you a tour through his universe of alternative and indie trap and reveals in For You And I music that has the biggest impact on his life and music. Enjoy!

Welcome to Q-RATED

To offer variation and inspiration, our stations are handmade by artists and music experts. Dream to the sounds of Kalabrese or Oliver Scotoni (Rundfunk FM) or relax to the sounds of Jungle member Dominic Whalley. Join Milian Otto on a musical trip around the world and discover with Dino Giglio what treasures Swiss music has to offer. And if you are an urban lover, we got you covered: Naomi Lareine, Ivorrie, Yunai, and music expert Thierry Khun share with you their urban beats. Have fun discovering!